Constitution Enacted 16 April 1993
	[With amendments through May 2014]
             Based on the Consitution Enacted 03 December 1978
    Article I
          The name of the club is Darkstar, and Darkstar shall be its
          name.  Darkstar is a nonprofit student organization.

    Article I.V

          The purposes of Darkstar are to provide a safe space for students 
          to play board games and discuss science fiction topics and promote 
          Cthulhu awareness awareness on campus.

    Article II
          There shall be three types of membership, and the number of the
          types of membership shall be three:
        A) Member
                All persons who have been in the presence of a meeting
                shall be considered members.
        B) Voting Member
                All members who have been present at three or more
                meetings during the current or previous academic quarter
                shall be eligible to vote.
        C) Student Voting Member
                Any voting member currently enrolled as an undergraduate
                at UCSD shall be considered a Student Voting Member.
    Article III
          Voting members shall be eligible to vote on any topic unless
          the Associated Students bylaws disallow non-student voting. If
          this is the case, only Student Voting Members shall be eligible
          to vote.
    Article IV
          Once a person has become a member, he/she/it/other is a member
          forever; death does not release he/she/it/other. However,
          membership may be revoked by a three-quarter's vote from the
          current voting members in attendance.
    Article V
          A meeting may be called by one officer and one current member
          who is also not an officer.
    Article VI
          There is nooooooo Article VI.
    Article VII
          The offices of Darkstar shall be held by Student Voting
          Members. The offices and their duties are as follows:
        Dark Lord/Dark Lady:
                The Dark Lord shall file the appropriate forms, and form
                the appropriate files, at the appropriate time.
        Chief Wraith:
                The Chief Wraith shall look decorative. The Chief Wraith
                shall also be the Keeper of Traditional Family Values
                (and other tall tales).
                The Runemaster shall, if necessary, keep seconds, and
                shall keep firsts upon request. The Runemaster shall also
                be entrusted with the care and feeding of the Darkstar
        Devil's Advocate:
                The Devil's Advocate shall advocate the Devil in matters
                concerning Church Groups.  This includes the handling of
                money, as money is the tool of the devil.
    Article VIII
          Officer selection shall be held in the very merry month of May, and
          officers shall assume their duties the following fall. All officer 
          positions are reselected each year. To be eligible for office, a 
          Student Voting Member must have completed one solo game of The
          Campaign for North Africa lasting  no less 60,000 consecutive
          minutes. If no one meets this requirement, any ungraduated Student
          Voting Member may be nominated by other Student Voting Members for 
          the office position. Officers are elected from the nominated by a
          vote of the Student Voting Members. A simple majority is needed to 
          be elected. If a basket is elected to any officer position due to 
          error, the club may elected an acting officer using the same above 
    Article IX
          There shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex,
          color, creed, alignment, preferred breathing atmosphere, or
          number of appendages.
    Article X
          + A) Darkstar shall have no dues.
          + B) Darkstar shall leave no residues.
          + C) Darkstar shall actively seek out legal sources of funding.
          + D) Illegal sources of funding shall actively seek out
          + E) All fundraising activities shall follow Associated
            Students bylaws.
          + F) In the event that Darkstar becomes liquid, the officers
            shall proceed past the triple point to the gaseous threshold.
          + G) Upon reaching the gaseous threshold, the officers shall
            investigate and implement an AS-approved plan for storage of
            the club's liquid assets.
          + H) All expenditures shall pass a quorum vote of all officers,
            and the club must be notified of the expenditure at the next
            general meeting.
          + I) Club funds may be used in the following manner:
               o a) To subsidize members' attendance of conventions
                 relating to Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Strategy
                 Gaming. Any such expenditures must be approved by a
                 majority of the members present at a regularly scheduled
                 general meeting.
               o b) To acquire items of interest for the Darkstar
    Article XI
          There are no loopholes.
    Article XII
          There are no amendments.
    Addmendmert I
          We don't discriminate against lysdexics.
    Addmendmert II
          NO SMURFS!
    Addmendmert V (III, Sir)
          Only He Who Has More Than One Title At The Same Time shall have
          More Than One Title At The Same Time.
    Addmendmert IV
          All those who do not understand this Constitution are
          irrelevant and their mothers dress them funny.
    Addmendmert V
          The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln.
    Addmendmert VI
          A five percent vote is sufficient to bend the rules, except for
          Article II, Article III, Article VI, Article VII, Article IX,
          Article X, Article XI, Article XII, Addmendmert I, Addmendmert
          VI, Addmendmert IX, and Addmendmert XI.
    Addmendmert VII
          This life is only a test. Had it been real, you would have been
          told where to go and what to do.
    Addmendmert VIII
          FOR i = 0 to 3
          PRINT "Redundancy is not allowed, and neither is repeating
          NEXT i
    Addmendmert IX
          Darkstar is not a church group. It never has been, and never
          shall be a church group.
    Addmendmert X
          Neither death nor ascension releases an entity from
    Addmendmert XI
          Embezzlers will be buried up to their necks in SPAM(tm).
    Addmendmert XII

      The Broken clock in the Library is not broken, but shows the correct universal time.
        All other clocks are measuring their degree if offset from the correct time.